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The 60 Second Film Festival is a popular event that screens amazing films with a running time of one minute or less. The 60 Second Film Festival was founded by independent filmmakers. We intended to create a space for fellow filmmakers to experiment with the short form, and a platform to share the work with appreciative audiences.

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"When you ask talented filmmakers to create films lasting 60 seconds or less, the results are often hilarious. Sometimes they're touching or scary, but always entertaining."

Oliver Wolfson, Festival Director


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Winning filmmakers can win awards, cash prizes, and equipment. We offer exposure on our various media partner networks.

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Our Philosophy

The 60 second duration restriction imposed by The 60 Second Film Festival is a creative advantage. Constraints make us more creative. The decreased production burden makes participation accessible for busy professionals and students alike. The brief length of our films democratize the screening presentation, giving everyone equal exposure. We’ve found that audiences remain riveted throughout the screening, and open to experimental work of various genres, forms, and qualities of presentation.


Back in 2015 we started our short film series with the “2 Minute Film Festival”. The idea was to inspire filmmakers to create the shortest possible work. The Festival drew a lot of participation. The 2 Minute Film Festival was a good show, but we still wanted to see what would happen if the films were even shorter. So in 2016, we created The 30 Second Film Festival. We restricted the duration limit to 30 seconds (including titles and credits). Shunning any film that exceeded the limit. This festival hit the mark. The screening was very entertaining. Finally in 2017 we settled on sixty seconds as an optimal length for our project. The 60 Second Film Festival was born. Since 2017 we have held several events in various world locations. We are proud to have screened the work of hundreds of talented filmmakers.

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