The 60 Second Film Festival screens films with a running time of one minute or less (including titles and credits). The possibilities are unlimited, as long as you stick to the 60 second time limit. We love to receive a diversity of content and technique. Do you want to produce a one minute Hollywood quality film? How about a DIY comedy? Try an experimental art film. Create a public service message or a documentary. Direct that music video. It’s all most welcome, and much appreciated by our audiences! Please check individual event descriptions for specific inspirations and / or content restrictions.


  • To submit a film, first log in or create an account at our web site. Fill out your filmmaker profile on the 'My Account' page. Finally, use the submission form found under the 'Submit a Film' page to add details and submit the film.
  • The Film must be no longer than 1 minute. The duration limit is strictly 60 seconds, including titles and credits.
  • The Film may be submitted in the following formats:
    • Standard: 1080p (1920 x 1080)
    • Aspect: 16:9 (letter-boxed is fine)
    • Audio: Stereo, sample rate 48khz (128kbps)
    • Codec: MPEG 4 (.mp4) 10 – 20 Mbps.
    • Duration: maximum 00:01:00 (including titles & credits).
  • Any genre, style, or language is most welcome. While not required, subtitles can add to the appeal and reach of your film, particularly English subtitles for non-English language films.
  • Submission is free of charge.
  • The submission deadlines are final. Find the submission deadline date for individual events in the event description.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions before submitting. Find the Terms & Conditions here.
  • Please upload your film to a file sharing service. We recommend Google Drive or Dropbox. Please supply us with a universal “downloadable link” and / or share the file to the following email address:
  • Submit you film! Use the form found on our website to submit.
  • Filmmakers may submit up to three films per event.
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