The 60 Second Film Festival, Pakistan 2023

The 60 Second Film Festival

The 60 Second Film Festival - Pakistan 2023, held on February 11th, 2023, in collaboration with The City School in Pakistan. This groundbreaking partnership united more than 100 filmmakers from different age categories, including 12-14 Years, 14-18 Years, and 18 Years and above. The event took place at The City School Okara Campus, showcasing incredible talent from across the country.

The festival invited filmmakers of all experience levels, from beginners to professionals, to submit their short films with a running time of one minute or less. The age-based categories provided an inclusive platform for a diverse group of participants.

The City School Okara Campus hosted the onsite screening event on a beautiful and pleasant evening. The judging panel comprised industry professionals, including Mr. Oliver Wolfson (Founder, T60SFF), Mr. Hasan Zaidi (Professor, National College of Arts), Mr. Taseer Ali (NCA Qualified Award-Winning Filmmaker), Mr. Amir Khan Milizai (NCA Qualified Award-Winning Filmmaker), and Mr. Awais Gohar (NCA Qualified Award-Winning Filmmaker).

The collaboration between The 60 Second Film Festival and The City School aimed to foster young talent and promote the art of filmmaking in Pakistan. The festival offered students and professionals an opportunity to showcase their creative skills and share their stories with the world. With an overwhelming response from participants, the event was a resounding success and a testament to the power of international collaboration.

As the festival concluded, attendees were left with a sense of accomplishment and inspiration. The 60 Second Film Festival - Pakistan 2023 not only highlighted the potential of budding filmmakers in the country but also demonstrated the impact of bringing together like-minded individuals from different parts of the world to share their passion for storytelling through film.

As The 60 Second Film Festival continues to expand its reach and host events in more international locations, it is poised to become an essential platform for filmmakers worldwide.

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